28 Feb

I warned you it was going to be slow around here. Yep, it’s the house stuff again. The situation was featured on the KOMO-TV4 five o’clock news Sunday evening. Jason did an excellent job of speaking for us. They edited me right out, so I might not have done so well. We will have the video online for you as soon as we can.

We finished tearing all the carpeting out of the living room, finally. Perhaps it’s silly, not knowing if we’ll get to keep the house, but it cheered us up to see that beautiful wood floor, scratched and dented as it may be. We put some big (but really cheap) rugs down and the place actually looks relatively nice for once.

The final decision on the house is tomorrow. If you live in Seattle, please express your opinion and help save our house. The contact info is on our house page.

Thanks, and I’ll try to add more links later, if I have time.

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