Watch My Neighborhood

The webcam is broken (has been for quite some time). The heat from the sun through the window fried it. The picture isn't updating. Someday we'll fix it, but for now, it's dead. Rather see something that updates more often? See my screenshot page.

Through the magic of AppleScript, you can view my neighborhood here in Seattle, Washington, USA (Pacific Time zone, GMT-8) from wherever you may be right now. If the script is running, it will take a new photo every five minutes. Reload this page to see if it's changed. If it hasn't updated lately, it means one of these things:

[Rain. Rain. And more Rain.]

Frequently Asked Questions about this page:

What am I looking at?

Dunno. The camera is generally pointing out the window, and showing the weather in Seattle. But occasionally we might point it at something else -- the cats, the bulletin board, the radio, the neighbors' bedroom window (just kidding. Maybe). If you want to know more about Seattle weather, check the

How is this done?

We have an old Apple QuickTake digital camera, controlled by AppleScript, using a script adapted by Jason Simpson from the script that runs my screenshot page.

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