[Melinda, David, and David]

The IRC Transcript
David Steinberg described our wedding online, as it was happening, via IRC. Many of our friends who couldn't attend the actual event were able to join the IRC channel and "watch" the wedding that way. Thanks to David for his help, and to Leah Kaufmann for transcribing the channel! Here's the transcript:

*** Topic for #asgx-wedding: Wedding starts at 7:30 PST
*** Topic for #asgx-wedding set by ZZYZX on Friday, December 27, 1996
9:48:39 PM
#asgx-wedding: Bug @Manteca @Confusion @ZZYZX 
*** #asgx-wedding :End of /NAMES list.
*** Mode is +t 
*** Channel created at Friday, December 27, 1996 9:33:31 PM
     ZZYZX: greets
       Bug: hey
   Manteca: hi leah
       Bug: hi amber
   Manteca: zz is quite the un-chyk
       Bug: is he not allowed to attend?
     ZZYZX: well duh
     ZZYZX: mbr is peeved because I haven't described what ppl are
wearing enough
*** Peck (dhs@dna.dialup.emory.edu) has joined channel #asgx-wedding
   Manteca: hmph
   Manteca: hi dean
 Confusion: who's there, what are you doing?
     ZZYZX: we are still waitng for ppl to show
      Peck: hola
       Bug: hi dean
     ZZYZX: hoping for some stragglers
      Peck: do I sit on the bride or the groom's side
     ZZYZX: but it;s seeming unlikely
       Bug: what's wendi wearing?
     ZZYZX: dunno yet
            Manteca pushes dean a beanbag
       Bug: what's jason wearing/
     ZZYZX: dunno yet
      Peck: does someone have a powerbook and modem at the wedding or what?
     ZZYZX: they're changing
     ZZYZX: Win95 machine thakyouverymuch
       Bug: how many ppl are there?
     ZZYZX: wendi might be spending the night in the airport
     ZZYZX: 20
       Bug: why?
     ZZYZX: because of the weather
       Bug: are they scheduled to fly out right after the wedding?
     ZZYZX: tomorrow morning
*** Katchoo (katchoo@serv4.law.emory.edu) has joined channel #asgx-wedding
   Katchoo: hi
     ZZYZX: if you want to leave tomorrow morning you better be there tonight
       Bug: maybe you can get a ride to the airport
   Manteca: hi col
     ZZYZX: hey kat
     ZZYZX: I plan to
       Bug: re coll
     ZZYZX: it;s looking like it's about to start
       Bug: yay!
     ZZYZX: big band music is coming from the tv
*** hawley (hawley@ has joined channel #asgx-wedding
     ZZYZX: people are sitting down
 Confusion: The Wall is on VH-1.  flip their DSS over there halfway
through the ceremony for BIG LAUGHS!
     ZZYZX: we thought about that
     ZZYZX: the chairs are in a semicircle in the living room
     ZZYZX: and ppl are taking pictures
     ZZYZX: there are a bunch of disposible cameras
*** Antmoose (amajanla@chass.utoronto.ca) has joined channel #asgx-wedding
   Manteca: of what?
     ZZYZX: that ppl are using
     ZZYZX: each other
     ZZYZX: the tree
     ZZYZX: the snow
   Manteca: so they're getting married in front of the tree?
     ZZYZX: there's a camcorder now
  Antmoose: how are you all watching this blessed event?
     ZZYZX: no, in front of the tv
     ZZYZX: I'm there
       Bug: via zz
  Antmoose: you're there in the room???
     ZZYZX: yep
  Antmoose: Wow.
     ZZYZX: the tv has a curtain in front of it
       Bug: is jason waiting for wendi yet?
     ZZYZX: with ribbons on it
   Manteca: ok, they're getting married in front of the tv... which is on?
   Manteca: heh
     ZZYZX: yeah he is
  Antmoose: Fox. It's "Married: With Jason"!
     ZZYZX: I can't see him fm where I'm sitting
     ZZYZX: from
     ZZYZX: the photographer is fascinated by thi
     ZZYZX: s
       Bug: the tv is on and covered?
     ZZYZX: well music is playing
     ZZYZX: jason is wearing a dark suit
            Antmoose is happy for the happy couple!
     ZZYZX: he is wearing a silkflower arrangement 
     ZZYZX: created by wendi
     ZZYZX: that info was brought to me by daviddaviddavid
  Antmoose: david ...?
   Manteca: hi david  :)
       Bug: librik?
     ZZYZX: wendi is late
     ZZYZX: maybe she changed her mind....
  Antmoose: will she or won't she?
       Bug: that would be bad
   Manteca: leah: mcnickle
     ZZYZX: the master of ceremonies has taken his seat
     ZZYZX: photos are being taken
       Bug: they're being married by a judge?
     ZZYZX: yep
       Bug: a seated judge?
            Antmoose will brb
     ZZYZX: retired district court judge
*** Signoff: Antmoose (using sirc version 2.151+n0thing-v2.4.pl+ssfe)
     ZZYZX: or so she CLAIMS
       Bug: heh
     ZZYZX: the truth is much more dark I think
     ZZYZX: amanda has emerged from the room where wendi is changing
     ZZYZX: I think I hear a bong?!?!?!?!?!?!
       Bug: oh! the suspense!
     ZZYZX: dunno what it is
     ZZYZX: prob music from the tv
    hawley: I hope it won't be one of those things where 20 years from
now they'll find out that they're not legally married.
     ZZYZX: is someone logging this btw?
       Bug: I got i logged
     ZZYZX: cool
      Peck: a bong?  the couple is smoking up for the wedding?
     ZZYZX: nah
            Katchoo *thwaps* dean.
     ZZYZX: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm still no wendi
     ZZYZX: ppl are sitting down
     ZZYZX: there is tension in the air
   Manteca: they were sitting down before
      Peck: sorry
     ZZYZX: quiet descends on the room
     ZZYZX: they got up to take pictures
     ZZYZX: wedding beells are playing
   Manteca: oh
     ZZYZX: some music
     ZZYZX: I was exiled to a corner
     ZZYZX: shari and david david david are coming
     ZZYZX: with candles
     ZZYZX: and there's wendi
       Bug: what's she wearing?
     ZZYZX: wearing white
    hawley: Describe her, ZZ.
     ZZYZX: white dress
*** rprprp (~rrp@al07.CS.Arizona.EDU) has joined channel #asgx-wedding
     ZZYZX: veil
       Bug: veil?
     ZZYZX: "Dear friends
     ZZYZX: out of love and affection for wendi and ason
     ZZYZX: ...she's talking too fast
     ZZYZX: they bring the dreams that bind them together
     ZZYZX: your psaths will be parralel
     ZZYZX: responsibilities with increase
     ZZYZX: but your joy will multiply
     ZZYZX: may you be gentle and understanding
     ZZYZX: and  quick to forgive each others fault
     ZZYZX: jason says I do
     ZZYZX: wendi's asked
     ZZYZX: she says I don't^H^H^H
     ZZYZX: ok exchanging rings
     ZZYZX: looks like mcnick gave it
     ZZYZX: jason put it on her finger
     ZZYZX: "With this ring I thee wed"
     ZZYZX: by the authority vested in me....
     ZZYZX: i now pronouce you man and wife
     ZZYZX: smooch
       Bug: whoo hoo1
   Manteca: awww
            Manteca passes out kleenex
    hawley: (|<  <- champagne cork
     ZZYZX: when you wish upon a star is playing
      Peck: YAY!  Congrats to the newlyweds!
   Katchoo: yay!
     ZZYZX: they're walkng out
     ZZYZX: followed by shari and mcnick
    rprprp: yay
       Bug: *snif*
     ZZYZX: posing in front of the cake
     ZZYZX: kissing in front of the cake
     ZZYZX: for the photographer
     ZZYZX: witnesses are signing the license
   Manteca: did you get to throw anything at them?
     ZZYZX: nope
     ZZYZX: I'll throw this lap top if you want
   Manteca: that's not really traditional
 Confusion: see who you can nail in the head.
     ZZYZX: jason and wendi are signing the certificate now
       Bug: throw diskettes
      Peck: LOL
      Peck: throw AOL CD -ROMs
     ZZYZX: I've never seen you in a suit jason
     ZZYZX: and you never will again
   Manteca: :)
   Manteca: did it say 68 on it?
     ZZYZX: jason bought the tie
     ZZYZX: specifically for the wedding
     ZZYZX: and went to a web site to learn how to tie it
       Bug: heh
     ZZYZX: according to david ^3
     ZZYZX: more photos
     ZZYZX: some poppy music
       Bug: will the reception be there, too?
     ZZYZX: doesn't sound liek the posies
     ZZYZX: yep
       Bug: I can't stay and log this much longer; is anyone else logging it?
     ZZYZX: wendi says hi
     ZZYZX: esp to you bug for logging
       Bug: hi wendi! congrats!
   Manteca: hi wendi
     ZZYZX: she thanks you
     ZZYZX: any other messages?
       Bug: she's very welcome. Shall I post it to the serv?
     ZZYZX: sure
    rprprp: hi from rprprp, zz
     ZZYZX: she gave a somewhat exasperated tell everyone hello :-)
     ZZYZX: jason is wearing converses with his shoes
     ZZYZX: suit
      Peck: i'm out of here too... cleaning to do... congrats again...
*** Peck has left channel #asgx-wedding
     ZZYZX: oh my god, they knocked over the cake
       Bug: no!
     ZZYZX: oh false alarem
     ZZYZX: -e
       Bug: fshewh
     ZZYZX: jason looks very happy
     ZZYZX: as does wendi
       Bug: can you get a chyk to tell us a bit more about the dress?
   Manteca: no kidding, go get shari   :)
       Bug: not that you're not doing a stellar job, zz, but we
enquiring minds need to know
     ZZYZX: no
     ZZYZX: shari typed that
     ZZYZX: maybe later she says
       Bug: amanda?
     ZZYZX: she'll put pics on the web
       Bug: okay
     ZZYZX: sorry I suck with that
     ZZYZX: picture with them holding hands
       Bug: s'alright. now we know that for the next wedding we need to
supplement you with someone with fashion sense :-)
     ZZYZX: hd on\
     ZZYZX: here's amanda
 Confusion: night all, congrats to wendi and jason
*** Signoff: Confusion (Leaving)
*** ZZYZX is now known as koogle
   Manteca: hi manda   :)
    rprprp: i gotta go people, congrats to wendi and jason!
            Bug waves at Koog
*** Signoff: rprprp (Leaving)
    koogle: the dress is ivory with mesh at the top ...
    koogle: it's a Jessica McClintock
   Manteca: sleeves?
       Bug: length?
    koogle: floor length, plain mesh sleeves
       Bug: lovely
    koogle: sweetheart neckline and ribbon embroidery on the bodice
*** b (~colebr@clem.mscd.edu) has joined channel #asgx-wedding
            koogle happens to know that the bride scored a bargain, and
got it on the first time she looked for a dress
         b: hey all
       Bug: excellent
       Bug: Thanks for the skinny on that.
       Bug: hi b
       Bug: I gotta go, but have logged things thus far
    koogle: anyway, we've reached the milling about part of the wedding 
       Bug: night, all. congrats to the newly weds 

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