Slumberland BBS, since 1991

Slumberland BBS is a Citadel BBS (running Citadel+ software, formerly called Gremlin's Citadel). You can telnet directly via your internet connection, to telnet:// Or use the Java applet at But the telnet way is best if you can do it.

Slumberland is a message-oriented BBS. We do not have files to download. We just post and read -- a lot. (The BBS slogan is "Call, read, post, enjoy!") We do have live chat. As of March 7, 2008, Slumberland will have been online for seventeen years. (Mostly in Seattle, Washington, but for about a year in Olympia, WA during 1992-1993.)

New callers are welcomed (though you may have to wait a few hours for your new account to be "validated" so you can log in. We are pretty quick about that, though). Log in today!

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