SCA Resumé


  • Award of Arms, Sep 5, 2004
  • Goutte de Sang (service award, Grant of Arms), Mar 29, 2008
  • Wye Knot, December 2010
  • Wyewood Arts and Sciences Champion, 2010-2011 (First Shire A&S Champion)
  • Jambe de Lion (arts and sciences award, Grant of Arms), Mar 12, 2011
  • Wyewood Arts and Sciences Champion, 2013-2014 (First Baronial A&S Champion)

Other SCA recognition

  • Scholar degree, Royal University of Meridies, 2018
  • Lector degree in Sciences, Royal University of Meridies, 2018
  • Lector degree in Static Arts, Royal University of Meridies, 2018


  • Blue Anchor Herald (Deputy to Black Lion Principal Herald), July 2005-2016. As Blue Anchor I maintained the An Tir Heralds website and mailing list. Additionally, I have commented on names submitted to be registered, participating in commentary both within An Tir and at the Society College of Arms level.
  • Wyewood Arts and Sciences Minister, October 2010-October 2011. I encouraged and organized arts and science activities and educational opportunities in Wyewood.
  • Wyewood Webster, September 2012-early 2015. I maintained the Barony's website and email list.
  • Wyewood Sysadmin, 2009-present. I maintain the server that hosts the Barony's website and mailing list.

Articles and resources for SCA classes, competitions, and publications

Classes taught

  • How to Make a Simple Wimple (at a private home, 2010)
  • Easy Cheesemaking (at Wyewood social, 2009)
  • Making Butter (at Wyewood social, 2009, and again at a camping event in Summer, 2012)
  • The Gebende: Making a Pie Crust Hat (with Wilhelmin Weissenheimerin. At Falling Leaves Ithra, 2009)
  • Middle English Nicknames (at Wyewood social, 2008; Kingdom Heraldic Symposium, 2006; Royal University of Meridies collegium, 2018)
  • Knitting for Absolute Beginners (at Wyewood social, 2008)
  • Knitting a Multicolor Pouch (at Wyewood social, 2008)
  • Stool Ball: Medieval Baseball (at several events, starting in July 2005)
  • Rectangular Construction for Novice Costumers (at Mostly Fibers II, July 2004)
  • The Heraldic Achievement (at Wyewood Social, 2008)
  • SCA Structure and Administration - CMA1000 (online via The Honorable Clover, July 2018)
  • Introduction to Middle English (online via The Honorable Clover, June 2018)
  • Basic Heraldry - SCI3000 (online via The Honorable Clover, June 2018)

Events led

  • Known Wide World of Sports, Wyewood, July 2008
  • Known Wide World of Sports, Wyewood, August 2009 (Not the event steward this time; I was the sports steward, in charge of the sports and games at the second KWWoS event.)
  • Additionally, I've served on the staff for several other events, usually working on the event websites, but also occasionally on other tasks including feast menus.

Non-SCA writing on related topics

I also write about medieval and history topics outside of the SCA environment. My particular interests are English onomastics, medieval sports and games, and culinary history. Here are some of the other projects I've worked on that might be of interest to SCA folk.

  • Dunlap, Wendi A. Surnames and Society in West Yorkshire: An Analysis of Names in the Wakefield Court Rolls, 1274-1352. MA Thesis, California State University Dominguez Hills, 2010.
  • Dunlap, Wendi A. "Stool Ball." In Sports Around the World: History, Culture, and Practice, J. Nauright (ed.). Published by ABC-CLIO in 2012.
  • Dunlap, Wendi A. Middle English Surnames in West Yorkshire. Three Beacons Press, 2013.
  • Resurrected Recipes, a blog about historic cooking (not restricted to medieval cooking), particularly the interpretation and testing of historic recipes, but also addressing kitchen technology.

Other related projects

I created a Mac app to simplify my research in the Middle English Dictionary by depaginating long results lists and opening directly to the pages that show full citations. If you are one of the people who would find that useful, and you use a Mac, you can download the app here.

Be warned -- it is a bit slow sometimes. But it is still useful if you frequently use the MED.