The Posies Picture Book

Here's a selection of Posie images for you to enjoy. Select each thumbnail image to download a larger .gif of that image.

[A young Jon, 
with big hair, crouching in front of a wall] From YEAH! Magazine #17, February 1989. Jon was featured as a valentine in a Tiger Beat spoof. Photo by Jill Goodejohn.

[Ken playing 
guitar] Ken, March 1994 at London Astoria 2. Photo by Midori Tsukagoshi.

[1989-era promo in soft focus] This is a 1989-vintage promo photo that was used quite often by the Seattle Weekly, the Seattle Times, and other local publications. I don't have a photo credit for this one.

[Posies looking teen idolish 
on the cover of The Rocket] This shot was on the cover of The Rocket in mid-1989. If the colors look slightly strange, that's because the photo was hand-colored. I don't have a photo credit for this one.

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