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[US Roller Skating Membership Patch]
Patch worn by members of the US Roller Skating federation.

We host mailing lists on our mail server for several interest groups. Here are the lists, and below that you'll find information on how to subscribe.

  • The dear23 mailing list, for fans of the band The Posies.
  • The niteowl mailing list, for people with the sleep disorder Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome, or DSPS. This is a support/information group.
  • The artskate mailing list, for people interested in artistic roller skating (like ice figure skating, only it's on roller skates!)
  • The beaconhill mailing list, for people interested in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Seattle, Washington, USA.
  • Other mailing lists hosted here are private lists for a limited group of people.

Subscribing to our mailing lists

To subscribe to one of the lists mentioned above, visit the following links:

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