TO:	Library Board Members
FROM:	Councilmember Nick Licata
RE:	Beacon Hill Library Branch siting
DATE:	January 4, 2000

I understand that the Library Board has narrowed the options for siting
the Beacon Hill Branch Library from twelve to three.  The remaining
locations under consideration are:

	 The Chin Auto site
	 The current location
	 The Wells Fargo location

I am writing to you today to respectfully request that you remove the
Chin Auto site from those under consideration.  My reasons are

1. The North Beacon Hill Community Council preferred locations are
either the current site or the Wells Fargo site.														

2. The Chin Auto property, if selected, would require the demolition of
5 homes and 1 business.  The five residential properties are home to
approximately 16 people.  Two of the five residential properties are
owner-occupied and three are affordable rentals.  Often the goals of a
project like this one are in conflict with another set of
community-identified goals.  I feel that the legitimate interests of the
Library Board to identify an optimum piece of property to site a new
Beacon Hill Branch Library are potentially in conflict with the
legitimate interest of the neighborhood in maintaining affordable
housing.  I don't feel that it is appropriate to use city funds to
demolish housing when there are other available locations that are good,
viable options.												

3. It appears that there may be signification opposition to the further
pursuit of the Chin Auto site from the impacted property owners and
rental occupants.  It is my understanding that if this property was
selected by the Library Board it would be necessary for the City Council
to act to condemn the six properties.  The potential exists for this to
become a politically divisive City Council action.  If there were legal
challenges to a condemnation the costs will likely escalate beyond the
funds budgeted for property acquisition.  Again, since there are other
viable options for the new Beacon Hill Branch Library, I do not support
this approach.

Thank you for your consideration of the above.  I look forward to the
Library Board's decision in this matter.