The Posies: A Discography

Compiled by Heather Cross, Wendi Dunlap and Simon Galloway and others (as noted). Click on images to see larger versions.

Stuff we know is missing: Screaming Santas, Saltine, Twin Princess, Jon w/ Lucky Me, Jon's solo single, some other stuff. We'll get those added when we can; if you want to help out, send us the info for the things we missed! :)



Tracks: Blind Eyes Open / The Longest Line / Under Easy / Like Me Too / I May Hate You Sometimes / Ironing Tuesdays / Paint Me / Believe In Something Other (Than Yourself) / Compliment? / At Least For Now / Uncombined / What Little Remains

23 Records, 1988 (homemade cassette, typed labels)
Popllama cd CD2323 / PLCD2323, vinyl PL2323, cassette (1988 except for the cd, which was released a year or two later)

Comments: The Posies debut offering featured just Jon and Ken. The album was first made available on a homemade cassette in Spring 1988 on "23 Records". The cover was similar to the later PopLlama release, only the illustration on the front was vertical instead of square, the liner notes are different, and, like the Popllama edition there is a (unintentionally) hilarious picture inside of Jon and Ken with HUGE hair and leather jackets looking like they're on their way to a Cure concert.

In December 1988, PopLlama released the vinyl version on blue vinyl. The serial number was PL2323. The vinyl version does not contain "Uncombined". This version of the album had new liner notes printed on a white insert, and a new picture of the full band (Jon, Ken, Mike, Rick) on the steps of the old Posie house in the U District, Seattle (The address was 5236 11th NE, but the numbers 2 and 3 were missing from the house front). Despite the picture of the four of them, only Jon and Ken played on Failure.

The CD version (CD2323 on the case but PLCD2323 on the disc) didn't come out for some time after that. Maybe as much as a year later. It has the same song listing as the original cassette.

More recent versions of the PopLlama CD/cassette have included the original "Cure-style" Jon and Ken photo from the 23 Records cassette, and removed the photo that featured Mike and Rick.

In mid-88 there was also a Posies promo cassette that had four songs from Failure: "Compliment?", "I May Hate You Sometimes", "Believe In Something Other (Than Yourself)", and one other that I forget... this was homemade, and had no special artwork that I recall.

Dear 23

Tracks: My Big Mouth / Golden Blunders / Apology / Any Other Way / You Avoid Parties / Suddenly Mary / Help Yourself / Mrs. Green / Everyone Moves Away / Flood of Sunshine

DGC / Geffen, September 1990
Various catalogue numbers over the years due to change in distributors and mid-price reissues. Original release catalogue numbers include:
compact disc: 9-24305-D2
vinyl: D5G-24305
cassette: DGC-24305

Comments: The first album featuring a full band line up, and a classic from start to finish. The vinyl release has different, much lengthier liner notes on an inside sleeve. I think later cd low-price copies have plain CDs without any artwork, while early ones had the gold-colored CD label and album title in Shelley Andante typeface.

Frosting On the Beater

Tracks: Dream All Day / Solar Sister / Flavor Of The Month / Love Letter Boxes / Definite Door / Burn & Shine / Earlier Than Expected / 20 Questions / When Mute Tongues Can Speak / Lights Out / How She Lied By Living / Coming Right Along

DGC / Geffen, 27 April 1993

Released on cd, cassette and vinyl, now available at mid-price. Original catalogue numbers include compact disc: dgcd-24522
cassette: dgc-24522

Comments: The Posies' finest moment? Whatever, it was the album which saw the band realize their full potential, with not a wasted note. At the peak of their powers? Definitely.

Amazing Disgrace

Tracks: Daily Mutilation / Ontario / Throw Away / Please Return It / Hate Song / Precious Moments / Fight It (If You Want) / Everybody Is A Fucking Liar / World / Grant Hart / Broken Record / The Certainty / Song #1 / Will You Ever Ease Your Mind?

DGC / Geffen, 1996
Released on vinyl a few weeks before the cd and cassette. Now available at mid-price.

Comments: There is a special Australian 2cd edition of this album, the bonus disc (as pictured) featuring "Going Going Gone", "Leave Me Be", "King Midas In Reverse" and The Bee Gees' "Every Christian Lionhearted Man Will Show You".


Tracks: Somehow Everything / You're The Beautiful One / Looking Lost / Fall Apart With Me / Placebo / Who To Blame / Start A Life / Friendship Of The Future / Grow / Farewell Typewriter / Every Bitter Drop / Fall Song

Popllama, 1998 (European release in association with Universal)
PLCD 3232

Comments: The farewell album, with a collection of songs that span the full 10 years that Jon and Ken had been together. Includes re-recordings of "Start A Life", "Grow", "Farewell Typewriter" and "Every Bitter Drop". The Japanese version also includes "The Only Ones", an early 90s demo, as a bonus track.

Alive Before The Iceberg

Tracks: Somehow Everything / Please Return It / Dream All Day / You' re The Beautiful One / Start A Life / Precious Moments / Grant Hart / Flavor Of The Month / Everybody Is A Fucking Liar / Broken Record / Surrender / Throwaway

Houston Party Records, 1999, Spain

Comments: Recorded live in Barcelona, Spain during the Posies' final European tour back in 1998.

In Case You Didn't Feel Like Plugging In

Tracks: Grant Hart / Every Bitter Drop / Flavor of the Month / Suddenly Mary / (Tape change break) / Believe In Something Other (Than Yourself) / Solar Sister / I May Hate You Sometimes / (Sick F's) / Please Return It / Precious Moments / (Brownie) / Throwaway

Casa Recording Co., 2000
CRC 232

Comments: Jon/Ken acoustic show recorded live at the Showbox, Seattle, February 24, 2000.

At Least At Last

Disc One: 1987-1991: Believe In Something Other / I Don't Want To Talk To You / Help Yourself / Thinking Outloud / Apology / I May Hate You Sometimes / Keep Me Guessing / Diary Of An Insecure Girl / Now They Want Your Head / What Am I Supposed To Do / Any Other Way / Suddenly Mary / Apology / Beck's Bolero / 21 / This One's Taken / Magnifying Mirror / Ramblin' Rose / Spite And Malice

Disc Two: 1992-1993: Flood Of Sunshine / Dream All Day / ¿Will You Ever Ease Your Mind? / Ever Since I Was Alone / Going Going Gone / Forrest Recovery / Sullen Waistcoat / Depression Child / Solar Sister / Finally See It Right / Earlier Than Expected / Ladies and Gentlemen / When Mute Tongues Can Speak / Lights Out / How She Lied By Living / Fête Le Muzz / Velvet Monkey Theme

Disc Three: 1993-1994: Trace My Falls / Burn & Shine / Dreaming / Wiggly World / Come Along And Dance / Revelation To Follow / Daily Mutilation / You're The Beautiful One / World / Pay You Back In Time / Throwaway / Sad To Be Aware / Everybody Is A Fucking Liar / Somehow Everything / Fight It (If You Want) / Oh Michael

Disc Four 1994-1998: Hate Song / Broken Record / Terrorized / The Star-Spangled Banner / Surrender / What's Going Ahn / Grant Hart / Ontario / Oceanic Exploration / Start A Life / Flavor Of The Month / Solar Sister / Golden Blunders (Muzak) / Suddenly Mary (Muzak)

Not Lame Recording Company, 2000

Comments: Demos/live tracks/lost recordings in a box set.


Feel / I Am The Cosmos

Tracks: Feel / I Am The Cosmos

Popllama PL7-46, 1992 (although the sleeve states 1991), US release only
Format: 7" colored vinyl

Comments: Big Star tribute single; the sleeve is a mock up of the first Big Star album.

I Am The Cosmos (split 7")

Tracks: Gigolo Aunts - I Am The Cosmos / The Posies - I Am The Cosmos

Munster 7035, 1992, Spain
Format: 7" single

Suddenly Mary

Tracks: Suddenly Mary (edit) / Feel / Spite And Malice

DGC DGCDS-21631, 1991 (USA)
Format: cd single, cardboard/white plastic gatefold case, blue printing on cd (see comments for alternate versions)

Comments: Also available as a promo CD, exactly the same as the single listed above, only with the word "Promotional" printed on it in orange ink. (The photo here is of the US promo single.) The art direction was by bassist Rick Roberts; the inside gatefold photo is of the wedding cake from the front cover, burning.

There is another "Suddenly Mary" promo cd, in a thin cardboard envelope but no plastic case. The front cover artwork is the same as the inside cover artwork on the cd single (i.e., the burning wedding cake with scissors in it); the back cover looks just like the cd single except for the song listing. The CD itself looks just like the single except it is printed in purple, not blue. It contains only the song "Suddenly Mary," not the B-sides.

Golden Blunders

Tracks: Golden Blunders (LP version)

DGC PRO-CD-4154, 1990, USA promo
Format: cd single

Comments: A Japanese single of this is known to exist and features three versions of 'Golden Blunders': lp version, radio edit and an acoustic version. The cover has the distorted pictures of the band from inside the Dear 23 album.

Dream All Day

Tracks: Dream All Day / Ever Since I Was Alone (demo version)

DGC DGCCS-19260, 1993, USA
Format: cassette single.

Dream All Day

Tracks: Dream All Day / How She Lied By Living / Ever Since I Was Alone (demo version) / Open Every Window (demo version)

Geffen GFSTD 50, 1993, UK
Format: cd single, 7" and 12" singles.

Comments: The demo of "Ever Since I Was Alone" was recorded on Ken's 4 track at home, October 1992. The version of "Open Every Window" is Jon's demo, recorded at Egg Studios, summer 1991. This was the first single that the Posies released in the UK.

Flavor Of The Month

Tracks: Flavor Of The Month / Start A Life / This One's Taken (demo version)

Geffen GFSTD 58 (cd), GFS 58 (7'), 1993, UK
Format: cd single, limited edition violet vinyl (as pictured)

Comments: "Start A Life" is the original FOTB outtake produced by Don Fleming, recorded in NYC, 5 April 1993. "This One's Taken" is Ken's beautiful demo recorded at the Posey House, August 1989.

Flavor Of The Month

Tracks: Flavor Of The Month / Dream All Day / This One's Taken (demo version)

1993, Australia
Format: cd single

Comments: Cover identical to the UK single. Both "Flavor..." and "Dream..." are the album versions. The photo on the back is similar to the front photo except it has been exposed four or five times. (Info from Anthony Overs)

Definite Door

Tracks: Definite Door

DGC, PRO-CD-4548, 1994, USA
Format: cd single

Comments: This is the US promo cd single. It contains no extra tracks and comes in a jewel box. The front cover looks like the UK single but the photo is bigger. The back cover has a different band photo than the UK single, and of course the text is different. The cd itself has the same artwork but different type (harder to read, if you ask me)

Definite Door

Tracks: Definite Door / Song Of the Baker / Ooh Child / I Am The Cosmos

Geffen GFSTD 68, 1994, UK
Format: cd single, 7" e.p.

Comments: this single was supported by an appearance on 'The Word', a late night "youth" television programme in the UK. It was the only Posies release to make the UK charts, entering at number 67 for one week.

Solar Sister

Tracks: Solar Sister / Ever Since I Was Alone (demo version) / Start A Life

DGC PRO-CD-4551, 1993, USA promo
Format: cd single

Comments: Also shown is the French picture sleeve for this single. No jewel box as far as I know, and no artwork -- the one I got is in a plain white sleeve. "Ever Since I Was Alone" is from the "Dream All Day" single and "Start A Life" is from the UK "Flavor of the Month" single.

Going, Going, Gone

Tracks: Going, Going, Gone

USA promo
Format: cd single

Comments: From Reality Bites soundtrack. Has a really nice photo of the band (Mike in a Gnome T-Shirt, Dave in a Flop T-Shirt) on the back cover. It came to me in a jewel box with no liner notes and no additional songs. However, the CD is this candy apple red color with lettering that seems more like it would fit with Slayer than The Posies. (info from in 1994 -- who was that?)

Going, Going, Gone

Tracks: Going, Going, Gone / I'm Nuthin' (Ethan Hawke)

BMG (Geffen) 74321231252, Australia
Format: cd single

Comments: The cover is a photo from the session in someone's kitchen which was used for the photo of the band inside "Frosting...". The back features a close-up of the same photo, just showing the guys' faces, the cover of the Reality Bites soundtrack and the info about the songs. The disc itself is plain, with everything written in black, except the title of the song which is in red. (Info from Anthony Overs)

This Is Not The Posies

Tracks: Open Every Window / Farewell, Typewriter

Elefant Records ER-121, 1993, Spain
Format: 7" single

Comments: This semi-legal Spanish single contains versions of these songs that were originally intended for the unreleased Eclipse album, which the Posies produced themselves in 1991.

Please Return It

Tracks: Please Return It / Sad To Be Aware / Terrorized

Geffen GFSTD 22128, 1996, UK
Format: cd single

Comments: The final Posies UK single release. Contains one of Jon's best songs 'Sad To Be Aware' which was originally slated for the Amazing Disgrace album. "Terrorized" was the international bonus track, unlisted, on Amazing Disgrace. An Australian edition also includes more bonus tracks.


Tracks: Ontario (radio version) / Ontario (lp version)

DGC PRO-CD-1008, 1996, USA promo
Format: cd single

Comments: "blackbirds flying overhead who gives a shhh.......".


Tracks: Ontario / Every Bitter Drop / Hate Song (live) / Going Going Gone / Leave Me Be / King Midas In Reverse / Every Christian Lionhearted Man Will Show You

Geffen GEFDM 22168, 1996, Australia
Format: cd single

Comments: This Australian e.p. makes a good job of collecting a variety of covers and other stray tracks. "Every Bitter Drop" is an outtake from Amazing Disgrace (and is different from the Success version) and "Hate Song" was recorded live in Amsterdam, 23 April 1996.

Everybody Is A Fucking Liar

Tracks: Everybody Is A Fucking Liar / Ontario (live) / Please Return It (live) / Flavor Of The Month (live) / Solar Sister (live) / Hate Song (live)

Geffen, 1996, Europe
Format: cd single

Comments: This single was released in some parts of Europe, but definitely not the UK. The live tracks were all recorded at the Dekroon, Amsterdam, 23 April 1996. The final Posies single?

Other Posies-related stuff

Randy Leasure's Posies Sampler

Tracks: Please Return It / Going, Going, Gone / Leave Me Be / King Midas In Reverse / Every Christian Lionhearted Man Will Show You / Richie Dagger's Crime / Grant Hart

DGC, 1996, USA promo

Comments: An excellent collection of rare Posies tracks, and also, a promo for 'Amazing Disgrace'. As Randy Leasure says "The Posies wear their influences on their sleeve, but what a great shirt". Indeed!

Various Artists
Das Wehre Leben
CDx2: 1994, DE Sony (Columbia) 477961 2
This German compilation includes: Cracker, "Get Off This"; Matthew Sweet, "Dinosaur Act"; The Juliana Hatfield 3, "Spin the Bottle"; The Posies, "Dream All Day"; The Lemonheads, "It's About Time".

Big Star
Columbia--Live at Missouri University 4/25/93
live CD of Big Star reunion show
Ken and Jon perform with Alex Chilton and Jody Stephens

The Squirrels
What Gives?
(Popllama 12523)
a crazy, wacky, zany album
Ken and Jon on 2 tracks ("TV Leg" and "The Demise of Ricky Nelson")--mostly backing vocals and guitars
Entire Posies crew (with Rick Roberts on bass) on "Let Me!" lead vocals by Rob Morgan.

Various Artists
Reality Bites Soundtrack
The Posies' song "Going Going Gone" is included on the soundtrack. It also appears in the movie, at the very end.

Various Artists
DGC Rarities
Contains "Open Every Window".

Various Artists
Yellow Pills Volume II
This compilation of power pop bands contains the old (circa 1989) Posies track "Saying Sorry To Myself".

More obscure stuff for really devoted fans to seek out

BE WARNED: There's lots of really trivial old stuff in this next section that only insane fans would want to know about! :)

As performers:

20 More Explosive Fantastic Rockin' Mega Smash Hit Explosions! (Various Artists) Pravda Records, PR6342
Posies play "Ooh Child" (and a fine version it is!) Also note the appearance on this album of John Wesley Harding, the Fastbacks, and the Squirrels...

The Posies have appeared on a few of these tribute records. I haven't been able to keep up with 'em. I know they are on Another Damned Seattle Compilation, and they are on a Donovan tribute, and more.

I*C*U*TV -- "Get Up And Go"/"Temperamental Lies" cassette single (Tough Suspect Records, TS2323) <=== note the number :) Summer 1989
Jon plays drums on the A-side ("Get Up and Go"), which was partially recorded in the Posie house basement on 11th NE. Lead vocalist/songwriter: none other than Dear23 listmom Wendi!

Glass Penguins -- raspberry (Green Monkey Records, GM022) 1987 cassette
The Glass Penguins are actually Michael Cox, former Backlash staff writer. raspberry is in fact a very good tape, with an all-star supporting cast including members of the Young Fresh Fellows, Fastbacks, Green Pajamas and more. Jon co-engineered the recording, played some guitar and "mock cello".

Gavin Guss -- "Let's Get High for Christmas" (promo only, I think.)
Rick plays bass on this and helps sing. December 1991. Played on KNDD's Christmas show that year. Song later partially re-recorded and featured on the Screaming Santas CD with Gavin, Jon, etc.

Gavin's Howse tv show.
Comedy public access tv show in Seattle, early 1990s. Several episodes featured Rick either playing/singing or acting.

Sky Cries Mary -- Until The Grinders Cease (New Rose/Lively Art, ARTY 11 CD)
Jon: rhythm programs/drums/percussion/voice/bass/guitar/synth/tape effects
Ken: bass/rhythm programs/percussion/voice/synth/tape effects
Jon engineered and mixed. Jon and Ken probably contributed to the songwriting, but I don't know how much.

Sky Cries Mary -- Don't Eat the Dirt...(New Rose/Lively Art, ARTY 26 CD)
Jon: drums/piano/engineering/mixing Ken: bass on track "Spanish Castle Magic"
also a remixed version of "When the fear Stops" from Until the Grinders Cease.

The Hitmen -- SMASHFACE (Green Monkey, GMC 034) 1990
Jon and Ken: backing vocals on "The Stuff", "Ice Age"
(By the way -- your listkeeper, Wendi, sings backup on two songs on ths album as well. :)

Erik 4-A -- Life, Love and Death (Vagrant Records, VR065)
Jon (under the pseudonyms Swindon Spundgren and Johnson Bonhaman): guitar on "kNOw Problems"; drums on "Till Things Blow Over" and "Disfigured"
Jon engineered. There are versions of this album around with Jon's real name on them, but Jon did NOT want to his name on it, so he made Erik change it to a pseudonym.

The Minus Five -- "Loser So Supreme/Only One Thing/Brotherhood of Pain/Drunkards Lullaby" (Hello Record Club, hel-312-41) 1993
Scott McCaughey/Ken Stringfellow/Jon Auger (sic)/Terry Adams/Tom Ardolino/Jim Sangster/Peter Buck. Produced by McCaughey/Uno at Egg Studios, Seattle. A Hello Selection Dec '93-Jan '94.

Also: Jon produced (but did he play on?) the Truly album; Mike played with Capping Day, the Fastbacks, and many other bands; Jon has produced lots of stuff at PopLlama...

As Songwriters:

Ringo Starr -- Time Takes Time (Private Music, 01005-82097-2)
"Golden Blunders" written by Jon and Ken. Now, I love the song, and I like Ringo a lot, but face it -- he BUTCHERS it. Terrible. But it's still neat that the Posies wrote a song that was covered by a BEATLE! :)

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