A Celebration of Chivalry / Mostly Fibers Too - July 23-25

Mostly Fibers Too

There are many ways you can help make this event great! Volunteer positions will be listed here and more will be added as the event approaches, so please check back to see what's available.

Gate Help

Those wishing to volunteer to help run gate may contact Giuliana di Grazia at Juliana916@yahoo.com.

Heraldry Help

The Wyewood Pursuivant is looking for assistance in the following areas. Please e-mail her at LadyEsclarmonde@aol.com if you would like to help.

  1. Be a "herald" for fighters participating in the Ransom Tournament on Saturday morning. I'm using the quotation marks around "herald" to indicate that in no way does this require you to be an official herald or even have any herald experience. Each fighter in this tournament must have a "herald." The purpose of this "herald" is to represent the fighter. First, the "herald" of each fighter will present him or her to the Royal Patrons at the morning court. During the tournament, the herald shall hold onto the fighter's coins. All the heralds will stay in a safe zone. When a fighter finishes a round of combat, each fighter's herald is responsible for exchanging the ransom coins with the herald of that fighter's opponent. During the tournament itself, heralds may feel free to engage in cheering and rooting for their fighters.
  2. Sitting at Heralds' Point/keeping an eye on the Heraldic A&S Display. This is a location where event coordinators can come to say they would like announcements added to the next town cry. It's a really easy job! You can hang out and work on a project while keeping the post manned.
  3. Town cry. Please consider the other areas of assist before volunteering for town cry. The Wyewood herald already has some assistance lined up in this area.

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