A Celebration of Chivalry / Mostly Fibers Too - July 23-25

Mostly Fibers Too

Experience the fun of fiber arts first hand! Wonderful hands-on classes (fiber related and some not so fibrous) are being scheduled.

Did you miss Mostly Fibers last year? Do you need a break from wars and battles? Ready to learn some of the skills needed to keep the manor running smoothly? Then this is definitely for you! For more information, please contact Lady Leticia Troischenes at isatia@blarg.net.

Heraldry in the Arts and Sciences Display

Heraldry isn't just for flags and fighters -- its for Mostly Fibers, too! To accompany the Mostly Fibers track at this event, the Wyewood branch herald's office is sponsoring a display of arts- and sciences-related items that use or display armory. This could range from showing that you have learned to dye wool in your heraldic colors, to painting the kingdom populace badge (that's the lion you see on the left) on your lucet, to making elaborate costume items, to putting your badge on your favorite art or science item. This is not a contest; the goal of the display is to provide an outlet for all that bundled-up creative energy you have, share your ideas for heraldry use with others, and discover neat new ways you can use armory in your own arts and sciences projects.

Creative use of armory is the focus of the display. No documentation is required to participate, although having historical background is always of interest to viewers. The only information we would really like from participants is the name of the creator of the project and what badge or device is represented or alluded to in the item. Notecards will be provided for this purpose to those who need them, and paper or booklets for viewers to write responses and feedback in will also be available to each person participating in the display.

The display will be set up after morning court on Saturday and taken down at 5:00 pm, before evening court the same day. The display will be in covered area near the Mostly Fibers portion of the event.

If you do not have your own armory registered, follow the links below to graphics of populace badges, which may be used by anyone to show his or her affiliation with a kingdom or group:

If you have questions about the Heraldry Display, please contact Lady Esclarmonde de Porcairages at LadyEsclarmonde@aol.com.

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