A Celebration of Chivalry / Mostly Fibers Too - July 23-25


Site fees for this event are:

Pre-Registration On-Site
Adults $10.00 $12.00
Youth (12-17) $6.00 $8.00
Children (5-11) $4.00 $6.00
Children under 5 Free Free
Family Cap $30.00 $35.00
RV Space $20.00/night (Full service including water, power, septic)
or $12.50/night (Partial service including water, power)
$25.00/night (Full service -- waiting for clarification on fee for partial service)
Non-SCA member surcharge $3.00 (per adult)

There are no separate day-trip fees for this event. Those adults (18 and over) who are not SCA members will need to pay an additional $3.00 non-member surcharge.

There are a limited number of RV hook-ups available, and the cost is in addition to the site fee.


While pre-registration is not required, it is strongly encouraged. Not only will this keep gate running smoothly (and quickly), it will help us to determine the proper amount of services (e.g. biffies) to provide. To pre-register, just print out the forms linked here, fill them out, and send them in with your fees.

If you pre-register, using the procedures below, all that you will need to do when arriving on site is to show your confirmation and sign the attendance sheet. This should keep your time at gate to a minimum, and as further incentive, you will save $2 per person if you pre-register by July 9th, 2004, by sending in the following:

MINORS not accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, must also include:

  1. A properly completed Minor Waiver signed by the parent or legal guardian
  2. A copy of a properly completed Medical Authorization. (Both the responsible adult and the minor must carry a copy of this at all times while on site; an additional copy needs to be left with the non-attending parent.)
  3. A copy of the parent's/guardian's drivers license or comparable ID with the parent's/guardian's signature on it. Highly sensitive information such as their Social Security number may be blocked out. The parent's name and signature must be identifiable. This takes the place of requiring notarized forms.

(Note - this information will need to be brought to gate, if you do not pre-register.)

Adult and minor waivers can be found at http://www.antir.sca.org/Pubs/forms/.

Pre-registration payments must be in the form of check or money order made payable to Wyewood, SCA-Inc. You will receive a confirmation in the mail that you will need to bring with you.

Site Fee Exemptions (comps)

In addition to Wyewood's Royal Patrons, only Royalty, Kingdom Champions, and Kingdom Great Officers will be exempted from paying the site fee, in accordance with Kingdom Law, VI.A.7. Please note that this exemption does not include costs for RV hookups. We also encourage these people to pre-register to speed their way through gate!

Eric Reservations:

While there is not an Eric, in its traditional sense, there is space at the edge of the fighting area for erecting day shades and arming pavilions (camping is in another area of the site). Reservations for "Eric" space are available for those pre-registering, simply let us know the size of your pavilion when you send in your pre-registration. Your space will be marked and waiting for you. Otherwise it is first-come, first-served, after you arrive on site.

Mail all items with a SASE (to receive your confirmation) to our gate coordinator:

Giuliana di Grazia
Sonya Gratz
PACIFIC WA 98047-1233

Questions related to event fees should be addressed to Giuliana di Grazia at Juliana916@yahoo.com. Those wishing to volunteer to help run gate may also contact Giuliana at the above e-mail address.

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