A Celebration of Chivalry / Mostly Fibers Too - July 23-25

Bardic Arts

On Saturday evening there will be a bardic competition centered upon the main theme of Chivalry. Poems, stories and songs pertaining to this will be judged by a panel of three on the strength of their content and presentation. Bonus points will be given if a tale is told about our own Lord Cire. Extra bonus points will be given if the judges are made to laugh, so amusing stories are encouraged. Puns will be evaluated on their own (dubious) merit.

First prize is a three-yard length of medium-weight white silk done in a Chinese brocade, with other prizes to be announced at the event. The Bardic will be located in the area around the firepit after evening court on Saturday.

For your convenience and pleasure, here find provided a two page form with which to inform us of your intent to perform Ye Bardly Skills™. While pre-registration is not required for this competition, there promises to be a goodly number of folk interested. This being the case, pre-registration is highly recommended!

If you choose to pre-register, please make sure you fill out the second page of the above form and send it to the address printed within.

Questions? Please contact Lady Vilda Leusch at kate.mcclure@dexmedia.com if you have questions.

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